Amherst, MA
February 18th, 2023
Final Results
What is
The University of Massachusetts Amherst Science Olympiad (UMASO) is a student-run organization based in Amherst, MA. Our mission is to attract high school students to STEM by working year-round to host an annual, hands-on Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament in the New England area for a diverse set of competing teams.
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Tournament Results
The final placings of all teams participating in the 2023 UMASO Invitational can be found on Duosmium.
Tests for all main events have also been released onto this google drive!
Please fill out this feedback form if you have any comments/suggestions for running this tournament in future years. We're always looking for ways to make the tournament experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.
Thank you to all participants of UMASO 2023! We hope to see you again next year.
Our Sponsors
Interested in competing? Our invitational offers you and your team a unique chance to visit the UMass Amherst campus, explore facilities, build lasting connections with other teams, and enjoy one of the best college dining experiences in the nation!
Background Image: Herbig-Haro Object 24, a deep space object featured in the 2022 Science Olympiad Astronomy event. Image credit to NASA / Digitized Sky Survey 2.
Passionate about science education, giving back to the Science Olympiad community, or just want to see what’s happening? The University of Massachusetts Amherst Science Olympiad encourages volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to join our team!
Background Image: The Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet, an example of dendritic drainage seen in the 2022 Science Olympiad Dynamic Planet event. Image credit to NASA Photojournal.
For any clarifications, comments, questions, or requests about our tournament or this website, please contact our email at
We are also active on instagram–please follow us at @umass.scioly!
Privacy Policy
Information Collected
  • Our website does not use cookies or collect data through analytics.
  • We only collect information on this website through Google Forms, specifically for registered teams and volunteers.
  • Only Google and UMASO will have full access to the information provided through Google Forms. Google’s privacy policy regarding their forms can be found here.
  • We may disclose the names of the schools participating towards the public, but we will keep each individual’s identity private unless given explicit permission.
Any usage of information not outlined above will be addressed towards registered teams through email. Any questions or concerns with our privacy policy can be directed towards
Our website is entirely open source. The link to the source code can be found here.
Other Disclosures
All registration fees go directly towards supporting this year’s tournament in the form of event materials, trophies, medals, and per team printing costs. A detailed budget summary can be made available upon request at
University of Massachusetts Amherst Science Olympiad is an official Registered Student Organization at UMass Amherst. The actions and views of student organizations at UMass do not necessarily represent the views of the University.